How to juggle different masonic orginizations

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  1. tbone1321

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    I was wondering I really want to join Scottish rite, York rite and possibly shrine but have been deeply involved in my blue lodge and was wondering if there is a way to be able to juggle my blue lodge and possibly one other without neglecting either of them I want to be able to stay active in my blue lodge as I am very committed but also wanted to venture out to the others and wanted to devote my time to both what is some advice you can give me on how to be committed to both and not neglect either or my family
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    Feel the same way brother. I'm married, but no children. A member of two blue lodges. Serving as SW and JW in them. So the next three years are FULL. Also an active member and Knight of St. Andrew in the Houston Scottish Rite.

    I'm stretched at the moment, but see a way through. Once past the chairs, I plan to attend each lodge at least once per month. I also intend to be active in all fund-raisers as well as move one or two brothers through per year from EA to MMs. To date, my average over the first four years of teaching is 1.5 per year.

    I'm loaded up but loving it. My wife occasionally balks when the load is heavy over a few weeks. She knows that the heaviest work is coming to a close in a few years and, along with all else, is willing to put up with my worthless self.

    Hope this gives you something to work with when making your considerations.

    God bless.
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  3. tbone1321

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    Thank you brother for the info our lodge is a little thin on stated meetings and floor school I love learning everything I can right now I am Marshall so I am not very crucial to anything but I think I have the learning more light bug since I became master mason I don't get to study and learn things anymore besides the normal open and close and putting on degrees but REALLY want to do Scottish Rite is that something you can just jump into or is there certain times they initiate and things??

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  4. BroBill

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    Eventually you'll likely find the one you enjoy most and then it gets somewhat easier prioitize and divive your time. I gravitated to York Rite and I make all those meetings (Chapter & Council), then I try to make at least Blue Lodge Stated, and then its a matter of hitting other meetings as my work and home schedule allows. Some months I can attend a lot, others I can only do my Chapter/Council and Blue Lodge Stated. Once you find your passion, it will get easier. (Yes, I had to join several orgs to find "my place" but it was worth it)
  5. Ashlar

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    Agreed , I am an active member of two lodges , was in both Rites and the OES. I found the Rite I liked better , the YR , demitted out of the SR as paying dues was useless because I could not be active as I live to far from my Valley (or any Valley) and just going through the motions anymore in the OES because there are only four active MMs now and they "need" me or I would give that up also .

    I find I can get to busy and overwhelmed , I just take a month to step back from everything but my blue lodges and catch my breath .
  6. Frater Cliff Porter

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    The appendant bodies in America do a good job of taking potentially active blue lodge Masons and burning them out. You already have the highest title you can ever achieve that means everything there is to "mean" in Masonry, the title of Brother.

    The Shrine, OES, etc. are not Masonry. They might be nice, and they might have a lot of Masons in them, but they are not Masonry.

    If you are only ever going to join one appendant body, you will get your monies worth in the teachings of the SR.
  7. Bro.BruceBenjamin

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    This choice is up to you. Were do you feel comfortable. Check them all out then think on it and make your choice. Good luck and travel well.
  8. tbone1321

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    Thank u brother

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