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How would you handle it?


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I was on a forum for Texas Tech athletics a couple of days ago when I read a thread that disappointed me greatly. A poster, with the name "FreemasonryTTU" had picked an e-fight with another poster over something trivial. It went on for pages and "FreemasonryTTU" kept trying to establish a place to fight and finally figure out "who the man was." Meanwhile other readers of the thread had a field day picking sides, making comments, and suggesting places for the fight (like one of the lodges in Lubbock, even posting the website for the lodge).

Still being a "young" mason in both age and time in the fraternity I wasn't entirely sure what to do. I chose to send him a private message. The drift of the message was that he was free to say anything he wanted, but by his forum name he also represented the Fraternity. I quoted the charge of the MM that we are "To preserve unsullied the reputation of the fraternity, must be your constant care." I haven't heard back from him.

So did I handle it right? And if not, what would you suggest next time something like this happens?

Jacob Johnson

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That's probably what I would have done. Your PM is about as close to "whispering good counsel" as one can get. It's disappointing to see people who represent themselves as masons acting in such a manner. I don't suspect you'll hear back from him at all, he knows you're right.


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Ditto. You were able to do, in this instance, what so many of us find so hard to do. Whispering good counsel is an art. You, my brother, appear to have it.


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Thanks Brothers. And no I haven't gotten any response, I doubt I ever will. After doing some checking it appears he hasn't been on the forum since 6/10. So he either realized what the error in his ways, or he was temporarily banned by the admins for breaking forum rules.


"Just in case"
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Being an admin on here and other places, you get to see a lot of stuff that at first surprises you, but after a while becomes the norm.

We've got quite a few stories of people flying off the handle or just saying something that they regret.

Really all you come to realize is that people are people and people say stupid shit. Be it that they were on new medicine (ambien's a good one), drunk, or just in a bad mood, sometimes you just say things you wish you hadn't. 99% of the time, people wouldn't say things like this or that if it wasn't on the internet. The problem is that the internet never forgets.

Most people, once they come back to their senses are embarrassed and wish they hadn't said it, which is why we are very lenient around here ( just delete it and move on).

Sometimes they are just too embarrassed to come back though.

What's awesome is when you see that same IP show up under a new username

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