Hurricane Harvey - Gift of Life Donations

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    Brethren, in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, regional Blood Banks need all of the donations that can be made. There have been a lot of brothers asking how they can help out in Texas's time of need and the Gift of Life program present one, simple way to do your part. The WM and brethren of Helotes Masonic Lodge No. 1429 happened to have a Gift of Life Blood Donation opportunity scheduled for September 23rd and this is a great way to contribute to the relief effort. Our Blood Banks will need to be replenished and this opportunity at Helotes provides a perfect, direct way to help out!

    All of the resources being rushed to the disaster area will need to be replenished , food, water, BLOOD! So please set aside some time to come by Helotes Lodge and chip in on the effort. Details follow:

    The brethren of Helotes Lodge No. 1429 are hosting a Gift of Life Blood Donation event at their lodge on Saturday, September 23, 2017 from 9:00 AM - 12:00.

    Come on by to donate and visit! Remember, if you donate, sign in on the sign-in sheet, turn in your number pints, mileage, and hours in for your contributions - they do count on your Form 71!

    The WM reports there will be Sausage Wraps available for donations, so bring an appetite!

    What: Gift of Life Blood Donation

    Where: Helotes Masonic Lodge No. 1429

    When: Saturday, September 23, 9:00 - 12:00

    Address: 11740 FM 1560 S., Helotes, TX 78023

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    Nice! I'm very proud of the things that Kentucky and Louisville are doing to aid those in need as well as the entire country.
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