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Discussion in 'Finding a Lodge' started by hugo.andrade, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. hugo.andrade

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    Good morning everyone! I have been reading and study everything I can find about Freemasons and I really like what I have found so far. I am interested in joining but have a few questions and would like to find someone who is a current member at C.F. Spencer Lodge in Pearland, TX. That is the lodge closest to where I live and would like some more information. Thank you and have a great day to everyone!

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  2. Bill Rose

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    C. F. Spencer Lodge #1384, located at 4614 W. Walnut, Pearland, TX 77581...They have stated meetings on the third Monday of the month...They also have a dinner every Monday at 6:00 pm...I would recommend that you show up and introduce yourself and express your interest.
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    ... and stop reading/study so much, or you'll spoil it for youself, hah. ;)

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