If, You will my Brother Be

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    If you believe in
    A Great Architect,
    And only if;

    If you are a man
    Good and true
    And live God's chosen paths;

    If you weep at a man's woes
    And his pain is your pain;
    His anguished needs
    You carefully soothe :

    If the moons no more
    Your ambition keep
    Or at least the direction know;

    If the hard and stony path
    Is but behind
    And not ahead of you;

    If your job, its satisfaction done,
    And life's a plateau,
    Life its stillness bore:

    If you have loved
    And all the joys of love,
    Mellowed to its highest heights;

    If life's eternal lesson learned
    And have been rewarded
    With God's gifts of joy and blessings;

    If you have the heart and soul,
    And the precious hours
    To share this joy with other fellowmen:
    If within you, lies a heart
    That stirs for more,
    And you know not why;

    If you ask questions
    That gives no answers;
    Why, what or who am I:

    If you ask,
    Is life a tireless search
    With no end!

    Then, Time is right,
    My good fellow,
    You are
    And you will, my brother be.

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