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    Fail - Increase per capita

    Fail - Floor work remove reference to the balcony. Who has a balcony any more.

    Fail - Allow quarterly lodges.

    Pass - Apron march in public is now done by notifying the GM instead of by dispensation.

    One new charter.

    Two name changes.

    Recognize 26 state GLs in Grand Oriente do Brazil. Recognize two orders with weird names, and I figure with even funnier hats.

    Several more that look bookkeeping to me.
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    The funny hats part got me. :D
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    "One new charter" that is good news for sure!
    Would they state if or how many Lodges go dark or hand in their charter?
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    As with most GLs, Illinois publishes a big book of Proceedings every year. The report on member lodges contains a list of new charters, new lodges working under dispensation, lodge consolidations, lodges turning in their charters.

    So it is stated somewhere, just not in the quarterly magazine sent out to all members.

    Many US jurisdictions are finally getting over the notion that lodges should be pushed to exist as long as possible. Issuing new charters and allowing lodges to die enables evolution that helps keep the fraternity as a whole more healthy. Seeing new charters issued is an excellent long term sign. For many decades it was rare for most US jurisdictions to issue new charters. Now it seems to happen most years in most jurisdictions.
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    Could you possibly find and share the names of those two Orders? I’m curious as to what they are.

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