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    Hello Brethren, I am a Master Mason originally from Monahans Lodge #952. I am new to the site and glad to be here!

    I became a Mason as soon as my age allowed, as I had always been extremely interested in the Craft. I was able to get through my three degrees within 4 months, and I have only become more and more intrigued and passionate the deeper I got. For the past three years I haven't been as active as I wish I could have been, as college has been my priority, but after this year I'll be able to be much more active again.
    I'm hoping to find other brethren who are just as passionate about the Craft as me, as well as brethren I can also learn from and develop a greater understanding than just my own; as the saying goes, I am always in search of more light. Thank you all for having me here, I'm excited to be able to join in the conversations!

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    Welcome! if your looking for passionate, knowledgable Masons you've come to the right place. Enjoy the fellowship!

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