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    I am serving on my first investigation committee tomorrow night. I am very excited as I feel it is one of the most important duties to be tasked with within our Fraternity.

    I was wondering, what are some good questions to ask? I know some of the basics but I am looking for some questions that will get to this petitioner's heart as to why he wants to join this Fraternity.

    So, any brothers out there who have served on Investigation Committees before, please give me a few good questions to ask? I appreciate your input!

    Kyle Ferguson, FGCR
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    Check out for some good ideas. They treat it as if all three members go together. Here in Texas we are supposed to go seperately, but the ideas are still valid.

    Ask any questions that make you comfortable that you can sincerely offer the lodge a recommendation to make the man a mason. Remember you are the last line of defence. This makes it sound scary. Just go make a visit. Act naturally. Ask questions that come to mind. Answer his and his wife's (if there is one) questions. These questions will normally lead to a comfortable conversation. If they don't, dig deeper, there might be an issue.
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    Good advise...Also, inform him as to what we expect from him. Tell him this is not easy by no means, but it is worth it. Share with him the difficulties of being a mason, as far as ALWAYS representing the craft, never bringing dishonor to our fraternity, and watch his reaction. Make sure he knows that if he gets in he is expected to act, live, and conduct himself a certain way. Ask him what he brings to masonry and why should we accept him into our fraternity. When you leave you should be able to say that masonry needs this man, not this man needs masonry.
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    Well said Sidewinder, well said.
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    Well said, indeed! Those entering through the west gate must be thoroughly vetted.

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