Investing in a New Building??

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  1. Tylerl90

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    Brothers, I am a member of a small lodge that does NOT have its own lodge building. We actually rent the Lodge building from the town right next to us on the days they do not have stated communications.

    I have quite a ways to go before I end up in the East, or with any sort of authority in the lodge. However, I’m very interested in researching options I have to buying our own space. Or what would be even better is building our own brand new spot.

    If this was something you were interested in for your lodge, how would you go about that? How would you bring it up to the brethren? Etc etc

    Thanks gentlemen /G\

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  2. Bloke

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    My first question would be - is it something you need ? (Followed by is it something members want and are they willing to put the work in ?)
    Second question - how will you afford to build it?
    Third question - how will you afford, and also create the structure, to maintain it ?

    Masonic Real Estate is expensive real estate because of its low utilization. Even if Lodges meet in it every weeknight - there is two days a week it is empty and from 1 am to 6 pm weekdays. Crack that nut and you'll have a much more sustainable proposition..

    I am involved in more than one masonic buildings - and the first question in any decision is what is the business case for this and it is in the long term interest of the building (lodges) ?
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  3. JamestheJust

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    Small lodges often start in the basement/garage of a member and buy something when there is enough cash in the bank - e.g. from a bequest by a deceased member.

    Buildings that are not regularly used for ritual tend to feel rather flat and uninspiring - making it hard to hold members.
  4. Glen Cook

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    Don’t buy. You have the ideal set up now.
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  5. Espero

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    I agree with a few other of our brothers here. I would start with getting the space you have to be the best it can possibly be. Get it clean, updated as much as possible, try and maintain the dignity and respect that our craft deserves. I believe there is a problem getting and holding new brethren because so often things are old, run down or ill kept, and this includes the rituals and morality plays.
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  6. Brother JC

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