Is there a way to upload Masonic papers to this site?

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    Good morning brethren,

    I was going to see if there was a section or way to upload Masonic papers for each other to share and read. I would like to read some of your papers and share some I've done as well. Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

    Bro. Clint
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  2. Winter

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    A good option would be to upload your papers to your Dropbox or Google Drive as a PDF and then post the link here. Make sure you make them shareable so that anyone with the link can view them.

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  3. vinceatwork

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    There is a site where papers and rare books about Freemasonry are published:

    Click on eLibrary, for example, and follow the sub-menus. There are 30 books and over 80 papers written mainly by Masons, and you can submit your papers for publication as well.

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