It is Great To Be A Freemason

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    Danny Thomas, 33ø
    October 1990 Fresno Scottish Rite

    The years found me an admirer of the great work the Masonic Order
    has been doing in making this world a better place for all of us to
    live. I have, for a long time, desired to be one of you and rejoice
    that now I can proudly boast of my membership in one of the world's
    greatest fraternal associations. I am grateful for those
    individuals who have in quiet ways motivated me in my work on
    behalf of unfortunate children. I am grateful for the high moment
    in my life when the doors of Freemasonry were opened to me. Since
    then I have had many pleasant times of fraternal fellowship and
    even opportunities for service in the work of many branches of

    Our Order, for now I can say, "our order," teaches, "the
    brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God" and this is great!
    The world needs so desperately to discover the value of this great
    truth in human relationships and world affairs. It is also a truth
    that will motivate men and women to continue to explore avenues of
    service and areas of common concerns in order to restore a measure
    of sanity to the madness of our day and to enrich the quality of
    life for all peoples everywhere. Now I join hands and heart with
    you in all your endeavors of philanthropy and say we must not
    slacken our efforts "to do good to all," especially those with
    needs that will not be met if we fail in our common task of service
    to humanity.

    On stage, screen, platform, and in private life I have always
    sought to bring a smile to the face of others and put a little joy
    in their lives. I am grateful now for the larger opportunity which
    is mine to adopt the tenets of Freemasonry as my own and hopefully
    be able to have a small part in spreading Masonry's message of love
    and caring to a larger audience, for wherever I go, I will be proud
    to tell others of my work and concern in behalf of all that you are
    doing, unselfishly, for others.

    Someone once asked me why did I want to be a Mason and my reply
    was: "Because Masons care for those who cannot care for
    themselves." The Shriners have always been a favorite of mine
    because of their work for crippled and burned children. Also I am
    excited about efforts proposed at the recent Conference of Grand
    Masters in regard to drug abuse among young people.

    It is great to be a Freemason! I am proud of what we are doing. I
    shall assist in every way I can our work of mercy, and it doesn't
    hurt to be a Brother with a "big mouth and lots of television
    cameras" to help get the message across. Masons are people of
    goodwill who want to "keep our kids alive" and we are doing this
    throughout the world. Our purpose is noble and humanitarian. Our
    labors will be crowned with success, for as Freemasons we will
    bring to our mission the best we have, regardless of what it
    demands from us in the way of sacrifice and service. We will make
    sure that in the tomorrows, life will be better for those who
    suffer today.

    I was a Freemason in my heart long before I was accepted as a
    member in this great Fraternity. I was an out-sider but now I am
    one of you, and the remaining years of my life will be spent in
    seeking in some small way to say to all: "Thank you for making me a
    Freemason." I want always to make you laugh but I trust that I will
    also make you care and that now, together, we will put melody in
    the heart of the world that will sing of a better life for all
    people. The task challenges us to larger efforts and higher goals
    that will demand from all of us the best we have to make a better
    life for others. My promise to Freemasons everywhere is that I will
    give the task my best!

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