J.C. Logan Lodge No.53 MWPHGL of WA and Jurisdiction (PHA)

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    We are opening our doors to new candidates and demits. (we will HEAL non recognized Masons with proper documentation and Grand Lodge approval)

    Due to the pandemic, we are only meeting on Zoom at this time. However, we are open to receiving correspondence from men looking to affiliate in the Metro Seattle, WA area.

    Please friend us on Facebook
    JC Logan Lodge No 53 PHA @jcl53pha

    We currently meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 7pm 306-24th Ave S. Seattle
    and we have voted to change to a Daylight lodge meeting on the second Tuesdays. Info forthcoming.
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    Barack Obama a Freemason ?
    Do you have a source Brother ?
    Always good to claim a President, but I've never seen that in any decent source.. and he has so obviously been added later to that pic (as has Richard Pyror - but he actually was a Freemason for which there are good sources to substantiate his membership.. ).

    It's a pet peeve of mine, a dubious source adds someone, and then it gets repeated over and over....
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    Like Thomas Jefferson.

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    Never seen a reputable site confirm that he was.

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