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    three factions planned,and carried it out...

    new orleans mob..Carlos Marcello..

    chicago mob...Sam Giancana

    Florida"Tamapa" mob....Santos Tropicante jr.

    Each one of these men and their respective families each had a personal vendetta with bobby,and the idea was to stop the tail "bobby" you cut off the head "jfk"

    John and bobbys dad "joe" was a known bootlegger and associated with the mob on a regular basis. He Reached out to them to get john elected in return for keeping bobby off their backs,which he didnt. So the mob felt a little betrayed to say the least.And those three families were affected the most by bobby and his war on crime.The outcome was sad,but when you shake hands with the devil your bound to get burned.

    and dont just take my word for it,all this info has been around for a long time,but people still just like to think of it as a big cover up.

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