June is Goat Trauma Awareness Month

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    June already? That means it's Goat Trauma Awareness Month once again.
    "In order to promote widespread knowledge of the dangers of goat trauma, The Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation has designated June as Goat Trauma Awareness Month. Throughout the month, the CGTF will sponsor programs across the country to teach people of all ages about the dangers of goat traumas."

    Never turn your back on a goat. And always avoid petting zoos.

    H/T to Jeff Naylor and Jonah Goldberg[​IMG]

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    Good information to have. :wink:
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    Too late though. When I was a kid(D) I took to facing goats headon. And discovered that a sufficient enough butt to the noggin would disuade most goats in my uncle's barnyard from further communication. My first concusion came from such an incidence. Man, I couldn't wait to get back from the hospital to see how that damn goat was doing.


    I was not child proof.
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