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  1. • RM

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    Good evening brothers ,

    I will be appointed as junior deacon tomorrow night. A nice step up from marshal this year. new work to be done.
    Who has done this role ?
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  2. Brother JC

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    I enjoyed my year as JD. In NM he verifies everyone in lodge by walking the lines, and is usually the last person to cross between the East and the altar before lodge is opened.
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  3. Keith C

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    I was Junior Deacon in my Lodge for 3 months. April, May and June of 2017. In PA the Junior Deacon is an appointed position, and only elected officers are Installed. The original Junior Deacon, appointed at the end of December 2016 had some personal issues and was not able to make it out to Lodge, so the WM, SW & JW twisted may arm and there I was. Over the summer the Senior Deacon had some job and family issues and also dropped out of his office and Low & Behold I was SD from September to December, after which I was elected Junior Warden!

    I wish you the best of luck in your new position!

    Is it typical in your Jurisdiction to install Officers in May? In PA, unless there is a Special Election for some reason, all Installations are done at the December Stated Meeting and all Officers actually assume their duties on St. John the Evangelist Day, December 27th.
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    Thank you for the good wishes. And Thank you for sharing your experience. In our jurisdiction we go black in the summer months. So they setup the new line in may. In June we have 2 meetings. One is the public installation of officers. And we do a third degree before we break for summer. Fun stuff.
  5. Warrior1256

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    I did not get the pleasure and honor of filling this role as I started in the Senior Deacon role. I have sat in this position in other lodges when needed. It is a great chair! Congratulations!
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  6. • RM

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    Thank you brother ! So far so good.
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  7. Bloke

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    Congratulations and every success in this role.... which will be different here, but I like doing Deacon work, it is very engaging and give you the chance to support the Lodge in general and the Candidates for Degrees in particular.
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  8. BroCaution

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    I'm currently serving as JD for my lodge. I believe it's a very fun position, and a good way to learn other parts of the opening. I enjoy the floor work, and making sure the right people enter the lodge.
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  9. Brother_Steve

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    Most if not all junior chairs are "observation" chairs. The spoken ritual and floor work is easy. Use this time to look ahead and learn the senior deacon's and junior warden's chair.

    You will be thankful you did.
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