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Jurisdiction bucket list


Premium Member
I wouldn't mind seeing the "Bristol Working" in England.
That would be good.
Or the Schröder Rite in Germany..

PA in the USA would be cool.. because it seems so different.

And an Irish Holy Royal Arch Chapter would be cool.. (and a Canadian too - but not sure exactly where. That's sentimental - my Chapter's Warrant came from Canada )

.. and a Hot Sands, never seen one. That would be CA USA for me - also because there are people and places there I would like to see.


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If you make it over I'll buy you a Cheesesteak and take you on a Tour of the Philadelphia Masonic Temple!
Done !
Make it here and I will give you a Tour of a couple of inner city Masonic Centres ! (Trivia - we stopped calling them "Temples" so they were not mistaken for places of worship).

Keith C

Registered User
If you are free on February 22 my Lodge in Souderton, PA is doing 2 Master Mason degrees. Just let me know if you would like to visit.
Shiloh-MacCalla Lodge 558, Main & Church Streets,Souderton, PA