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  1. Ben Rodriguez

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    Hello -

    What is the procedure to transfer my current masonic affiliation to a foreign body? This would apply from the GLoTX to the Grand lodge of Canada.

    Any info will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Traveling Man

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    You could apply for a plural membership in another grand jurisdiction as in article 358, or demit and file as an unaffiliated mason, then get a certificate of good standing to apply for your newly domiciled location.
    I would consult with the secretary for advice… Anyone please feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Personally, I would apply for a plural membership as there is always an allegiance to ones "mother lodge".
  3. Bill Lins

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    Your request would need to be transmitted to the Grand Secretary by your Lodge Secretary. The GS would then send it to the Grand Lodge to which you wish to transfer. I expect they'll want to know which Lodge you intend to to affiliate with. It would probably be easiest for you to affiliate as a plural member first and then, should you wish, demit from your Texas Lodge. Either way, the paperwork must go from Grand Lodge to Grand Lodge, and then to the local Lodges involved.
  4. owls84

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    Couple of things to remember here. The Grand Lodge you are looking at joining may not allow you to join unless you lived there for a specific amount of time in their jurisdiction so you may not want to demit right away. Secondly the Grand Jurisdiction may not allow you to plural or dual leaving only the option of moving membership to the Grand Jurisdiction you live in. I recommend you figuring out which Lodge you like up there and sit down and talk to that secretary. He should know the best way so you can get results the fastest. Since you are dealing with multiple Grand Jurisdictions this will be a LONG process and you need to be persistent with both secretaries to make sure they don't' drop the ball. I have fallen a victim to this before.

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