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    The other day we were meeting about 7 or 8 guys and we asked why they decided to contact us through the website. Just what made them look for Masonry. One said and I quote, "I'm looking for a family." This took me by suprise. I have never heard this answer. We have a guy that has absolutly no knowledge of us and yet he wants to be apart of our "family" he said he wants someone to be there for him. So for the past week or so I have been thinking, what happened to our fathers? I mean where did the generation become more worried about anything other than family values and helping each other. When did we become the I don't care about anyone else except me society?

    We had a speaker come talk to our lodge and he said something that hit me and goes along with it. The young members that are joining are looking for values that they never got growing up. Sadly I must say that most lodges are not giving them. I challenge each and everyone of you to watch the video in the thread below then respond with how you feel. You can choose to respond in the SS or in Off Topic. I felt this should be in the SS but everyone should watch the video.

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    Bro Josh, that was beautiful.
    Sad and true, but we do have hope.

    We are one of the few countries that believe all work and no LIFE.
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    Err I just posted a whole lot of comments in the other thread to this :S
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    Great post Bro. Josh!
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    So mote it be!!! My generation has to learn that government, big brother, employers, insurance, money, or anything else external is NOT the key to happiness. We have to learn to realign our internal view, and make the change within, then we will will have a fighting chance to change our world.

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