Kamel Oussayef Named 110th Blue Friar

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    The 76th Consistory of the Society of Blue Friars was convened Friday at the Hyatt Regency in Crystal City, Virginia as part of Masonic Week. The Society of Blue Friars was founded in 1932 for the express purpose of recognizing outstanding Masonic authors throughout the world.

    At the conclusion of last year's Consistory, Grand Abbot, Dr. S. Brent Morris, announced his retirement after serving for 15 years, naming Arturo de Hoyos as his successor. Friday's gathering was the first under Grand Abbott De Hoyos.


    The newest Blue Friar named to the ranks of the Society is Kamel Oussayef of Massachusetts, and he becomes the 110th Masonic author to be admitted into to this august organization.

    His books include: Saint Edoüard: A 1748 Masonic Scottish Lodge During the French Enlightenment: The Spirit of Freemasonry; and The Book of Wisdom - all of which have been published in beautiful editions by the Scottish Rite Northern Masonic Jurisdiction.


    All are painstakingly translated and heavily notated from long-hidden French manuscripts from the 1700-1800s that illuminate the lodges and lives of their members in this critical period of growth, turmoil and transformation in France. His works go far beyond mere translations of archaic French-language lodge minutes and notes. He brings alive the Masons themselves who were members these lodges by unearthing their lives, occupations, lodgings, and habits. These are not dry histories, they are personal ones. It is from this important period that the hautes grades were developed, which eventually crossed the Atlantic and became what we know as the Scottish Rite today.

    Friar Oussayef was born in Sétif, Algeria and attended school in France, where he lived for many years. He holds an MA from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University and an MS from the School of Public Communications at Boston University.

    Kamel is a Past Master of William Parkman Lodge and Converse Lodge. He has been awarded the prestigious Henry Price and Joseph Warren medals for distinguished service to Freemasonry in Massachusetts. In the AASR, he is an Assistant Master of Ceremonies with the Massachusetts Consistory of the Valley of Boston.

    Upon being named a new Friar, each inductee is expected to present a short paper at the Masonic Week gathering. Unfortuntely, due to him being out of the country, Friar Oussayef's paper, "Researches and Adventures in the N.M.J. Archives,” was read by Deputy Grand Abbot Mark Tabbert.

    The Society convenes each year during Masonic Week in the Washington, D.C. vicinity to induct a new Friar, and their gatherings are open to all Master Masons. Authors like Arthur E. Waite, Harold V.B. Voorhis, Dwight L. Smith, Allen Roberts, Thomas Jackson, Yasha Beresiner, Alain Bernheim, Robert G. Davis, Alton Roundtree, Michael R. Poll, Robert D. B. Cooper, Josef Wäges and Piers Vaughan are just a few prior Blue Friar honorees.

    This year's brochure listing all 110 Blue Friars, both living and deceased, can be seen below. Click images to enlarge.



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