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  1. RJS

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    What, if any, is there for a woman to wear to show that she is the lady of a Mason?
  2. JTM

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    if she is the order of the eastern star, she can buy pendants.

    otherwise, she's not obligated or anything at all. she can wear whatever the hell she wants. as a man, however, i would ensure that she is endowed with the knowledge to answer any questions about whatever she is wearing... sort of along the lines of what my feelings towards EAs and FCs wearing jewelry are...

    edit: problems can arise at the same rate as those associated with EAs and FCs wearing masonic jewelry. be prepared for those problems, and both of you will be happy. there's nothing wrong with her wearing her grandfather's ring proudly.

    just my opinion, of course. :)
  3. rhitland

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    There is a Blue Slipper S&C designed for women, but they are allowed to wear any emblem they want so we as Masons know to help them also if needed.
  4. JEbeling

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    Women can ware anything they want.. ! they are not under any control of any Grand Lodge.. ! I know my Grandmother wore a square and compass for years.. ! was very small and had the all seeing eye and came from Germany.. ! and was called a ladies pin.. ! she would put it on when she went to church or dressed up.. ! my Grandfather always wore his dads cuff links.. ! a masonic pair from Germany.. !
  5. Sirius

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    In fact - Every Mason should give his wife (or Mother or both) a S&C pin of some sort AND put a S&C on her car.

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