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    this is his grand daughter i need info on him im going infront of The order Of the Eastern star and i need some info leonard d blanchett jr WW2, he was with Zack the great grandson of Allen pinkerton He was a Pinkerton, a 32 Scottish Rite Mason, Shriner, my house burned down i lost all papers and photos dallas texas<denver colorado please help
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  2. Beathard

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    Contact the grand lodge of Texas in Waco. They can tell you what you need to know. The local lodge or Easter Star secretary can also help.
  3. Dave in Waco

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    Do you know what local blue lodge and Eastern Star he belonged to? If he was a Shriner and lived in Dallas, that would most likely mean he was a member of the Hella Temple Shrine. If you contact them they could help you some and it would give you a starting point. From there I'm sure they could probably tell you what blue lodge he was in.

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