Let there be Light!

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    "Let there be light." Jehovah said,
    And primal darkness heard and fled;
    Then, as the waters from the land;
    He parted with almighty hand;
    Light ridged the mountain chain with gold;
    Light through the vales in glory rolled;
    Light silvered ocean, lake and stream;
    Light made the pall-like vapors gleam;
    Light shone the forest vistas through;
    Light gave the sky it's burning blue;
    Light fell in life-awakening showers;
    On torpid leaves and sleeping flowers;
    And all the universe waxed bright
    Robed in it's makers effluence-light.
    There is a darkness of the mind;
    As thick as dark, as undefined;
    Ere God had said, " Let there be light."
    But as creations morning burst;
    On chaos, and the gloom dispersed;
    So does the " Day star from on high."
    Light to the darkened soul supply;
    As that which wrapped the world in night;
    So does God's grace, that ray divine;
    On the beseeching sinner shine;
    Dispelling from the soul despair;
    And shedding floods of glory there;
    Oh, when there's doubt and gloom within;
    Black fruits of unrepented sin;
    Search thou this book, and searching pray;
    So shall thy sin be washed away;
    So shall a beam illuminate thy night;
    From him who said, " Let there be light."​

    This piece is a copy of a poem that was as written on December 27, 1858 by their first Grand Master Most Worshipful Brother William Mercer Wilson and is recorded history in the Archives of Norfolk Lodge No. 10 of Norwich, Ontario, Canada .

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