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  1. Roach

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    As we look forward to the 3 day weekend
    To be with family and friends
    Don’t forget those who let it be
    That we stand united and free
    As you light your pit and smoke rise in the air
    Don’t forget what our soldiers had to bear
    So as our kids play and the laughter rings loud
    Let’s not forget those who has made us proud

    Hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend
  2. Benjamin Baxter

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  3. curt

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    I spent the majority of this memorial day, attending ceremonies at cemeteries and veterans organizations, in honor of our veterans. I saw Knights of Columbus, Rotarian's, American Legion, VFW, DAV and a bunch of others.But one thing I didn't see, was a single FREEMASON. How is it, that the one organization, that is more responsible for the forming of this nation than any other, is not ever seen? I would rant even further, but I am doubtful that anyone even cares .
  4. Bill Lins

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    I'm not trolling, but asking a serious question- how do you know that there were no Masons at the various ceremonies? Because they weren't wearing their aprons? I'd be willing to bet that quite a few were in attendance. In order to appear in a group as Masons ​requires the permission of the Grand Master (see below). I can't imagine a Grand Master denying permission to appear at a Memorial Day ceremony but most Lodges won't go to the bother of asking.

    Art. 38. (38). Lodges Appearing in Public.
    The Grand Master may grant dispensations to Lodges to appear in public for any proper Masonic purpose including, but not limited to fundraising activities, which funds are to be used exclusively for any purpose consistent with the principles and purposes of Masonry, or the Laws of this Grand Lodge; but no dispensation shall be granted to Lodges to appear in public at any function except one of noncontroversial, nonpartisan, nonsectarian, patriot(ic) and/or community character. (Revised 1989)
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  5. curt

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    Perhaps, but I seriously doubt it. I have seen maybe a handful of Mason's out in public, identifying themselves as Mason's in the last few years. Im not saying to walk around in recruiting mode or wearing aprons, rings, hats or adorning their cars with stickers. I'm saying that its disappointing to see every imaginable club, fraternity, charity, etc. out in public and visibly participating in events and not a sign of the lodge. What I do see, is a lot of people eying masons with contempt over their behavior or even judging them concerning some television show about Freemasonry. I will say that being back in Texas, I do see a lot more interest in the craft than in many other places I've been in the states.
  6. curt

    curt Premium Member

    P.S., In regards to the article about appearing in public. I was referring to a ceremony this memorial day, where local fraternities and charities all took part in the laying of wreath on the tomb in the Veterans cemetery.
  7. Bill Lins

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    I'm with you- it would have been nice, & entirely proper, for Lodges to have participated.
  8. dfreybur

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    I will point out that we are an organization of patriots but we are not a patriotic organization like several of the ones you mentioned. It's not against our principles to do so as an organization but it's also not on the direct path of our principles the way sponsoring charities is.

    As to the not ever seen part I agree on that front. One of my lodges marches in our aprons at the town's annual Independence Day parade.

    You will note the conundrum here in that I appear to advocate both sides of the fence. Yeah, it's a fine line and very much a matter of personal perspective. Masonry was involved in the American Revolution and the foundation of the republic therefore activity in an Independence Day parade is a PR event by a lodge for a lodge. Masonry as a world wide organization that should be okay with honoring the fallen in any country and that's not as quite what I want as an observance.

    I can only resolve that by saying it's the choice of each individual lodge to take the initiative and ask the GM for a dispensation to march in public. My lodge that marches on July 4th started that tradition one of the years in the east and I was the first one in years who asked. I showed the men since how easy it is to email/FAX a form letter.

    If you want to organize a lodge event on Memorial Day it's only a FAX away.

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