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    I have a few questions regarding this publication.

    1. What Committee is responsible for its content?
    2. By what authority does it even exist?
    3. Is there a single reference to it in any Resolution or Edict issued by the GLofTX?

    I am utterly confused as to why this document is published, where the authority to publish or enforce it derives from, and why I should rely on it as a Master Mason in the GLofTX. There is no reference to it that I can find in the 2009 Grand Lodge Law Book.

    If it is not referred to in any Resolution or Edict, it seems it would be most proper to simply ignore it as unreliable background noise.
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    Good questions!! I would also add. 4. By what criteria do the use is determining who does or doesn't make the list?
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    I do not have a book in front of me but most of your questions are located inside the cover. It is considered an official publication of the GLoTX by another company out of Indiana (I think). You have to go to the Grand Lodge of Texas AF&AM page and there is fine print at the end of the list of Lodges in TX. The fine print will list Lodges we recognize not in the book and any that are in the book that we do not recognize since it is a generic book published in all Grand Lodges and the covers change by Grand Jurisdiction.

    The Fraternal Relations Committee is the one responsible of sending the list to the company each year before publication. As far as an edict or law it would not require one since it is protocol and previously approved at some communications as means of publication.

    Art. 106. Fraternal Relations. The Committee on Fraternal Relations shall examine and report on all matters submitted to it by the Grand Master or this Grand Lodge; on all applications from Grand Jurisdictions to establish fraternal relations; on all charges against other Grand Jurisdictions for the violation of any Masonic principles and landmarks; and shall examine, review and report on all proceedings of other Grand Jurisdictions with which this Grand Lodge is in fraternal relations.

    There is a list they would maintain but the list is distributed by our GL by this company. They make the recommendation but it is ultimately up to the Grand Lodge Voting Members to approve or unapprove. You will see a recommendation this year for a group seeking recognition and they will make a recommendation but it will be a vote on the floor to decide.
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    And it’s derivation?

    Most US lodges can trace their linage and charters back to the UGLE. It starts with the recognized list published by the UGLE. The next part is my speculation, I believe the CONFERENCE OF GRAND MASTERS OF MASONS IN NORTH AMERICA meets annually to discuss issues of recognition as reported by The Commission on Information for Recognition.

    This Commission provides this data for use by our Grand Lodges, and does not attempt to influence or recommend what action should be taken. The Commission serves in an investigative and advisory capacity only.
    The standards of Recognition are summarized as follows:
    • Legitimacy of Origin.
    • Exclusive Territorial Jurisdiction, except by mutual consent and/or treaty.
    • Adherence to the Ancient Landmarks specifically, a Belief in God, the Volume of Sacred Law as an indispensable part of the Furniture of the Lodge, and the prohibition of the discussion of politics and religion.

    These are the guidelines used to evaluate Regularity of a Grand Lodge, and thereby determine whether it is worthy of consideration for Recognition by our member Grand Lodges. Copyright © 2004 - 2006 The Commission on Information for Recognition

    As far as the UGLE is concerned, regularity is predicated upon a number of landmarks, set down in the UGLE Constitution and the Constitutions of those Grand Lodges with which they are in amity. Even within this definition there are some variations with the quantity and content of the Landmarks from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. USA Recognitions 2010 from the MSA Is another interesting document to browse.

    One must always remember that when stepping on someone’s toes they may be connected to the butt you may have to kiss tomorrow. Consequences my man; consequences…
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