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    I am interested I joining a lodge, but I dont know the diffences between them. I am looking for a more traditional lodge that still uses traditional ceremonies. I live in Jacksonville, Florida.

    Thank you
  2. jvarnell

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    I am new into Masonary but I will try to help from what I know each state has a Grand Lodge that makes the rules for that state and the traditions are governed by that GL. I would go to this website and do the Lodge locator they should be run the same.

    Grand Lodge of Florida
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    One of the first steps is to take a look in the phone book, and see which lodges are in your area. As a new member, you'll be spending a lot of time making friends with the other brothers in the lodge, as well as learning the lectures for your degrees. Convenience is an important factor, if you wind up drivng 20 or 30 miles to go to lodge, it can be a big hassle and disincentive.

    Pick a couple of likely suspects. What are their stated meeting dates? Is that also convenient for your schedule? Get in touch with the lodge, and visit with them during the social hour before meetings, or maybe at the Saturday morning breakfasts, if they sponsor one. Do you feel comfortable there? do they make you feel welcome? Do they answer your questions about the Craft, and are you satisfied with those answers?

    As a complete newbie, these are some of the more important things to look at when getting ready to petition a lodge. It needs to be first of all, a place where you feel happ and welcome.
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    Going to dinner can be intimidating at first. You will be welcomed. Ask for a petition and keep going to their dinners. When the time is right, drop the petition and wait for the ride.

    Research is the most important thing. You may not find much, but the meeting times and location are crucial. You are committing to a weekly routine, so make sure it's comfortable.

    Once you meet the Lodge, you can also ask about other functions that you can attend as a non-member. They can be fun and will expose you more to your future Brothers.

    Best wishes! I was in your shoes several months ago, and now my Journey is about to begin! Happy hunting...
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    As for "traditional," that shouldn't be a problem. Maybe post the Lodges you are interested in and some of the more knowledgeable Brothers can ensure that the Lodge is legit (or "recognized"). That is very important. It probably isn't an issue, but better safe than sorry. There are some organizations that do not have the "tradition" passed down through centuries of Work.

    Welcome to the forum and keep us posted! (Pun intended...)
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    The grand lodge website for the state you are looking for would be a good start, the phone book as also stated before is good. Friendliness and comfortableness are also very important and another thing you will find is that most lodges have "personality" and this is evident in the meal,fellowship, dress, and many other things these are things that you should take a look at as said before you will spend a good amount of time in your lodge at least initially so it should be a place that you fell comfortable in and want to go there to spend time with the brethren. Im sure all would welcome you and the uncomfortable feeling of being the new guy or outsider will fade quickly just be ready to learn a lot of names and faces. It is a wonderful fraternity and great experience, good luck on your choice and journey.

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