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  1. bupton52

    bupton52 Moderator Premium Member

    Is everything in your lodge (altar, officer pedestals, columns, 'G' above the WM) all custom built or are they purchased from somewhere?
  2. widows son

    widows son Premium Member

    A bit of both. My lodge and the lodge a town over share a building, and our charters are a day apart, 1864 and the majority of it was made by the masons who started up the lodge. When my lodge moved to that building we brought over our furnishings that we use during our meetings.
  3. MarkR

    MarkR Premium Member

    The "G" above the East is homemade, I have no idea by whom. All the rest of our stuff appears commercially made, but we were chartered in 1857 and our stuff has been around so long that I doubt anybody knows for sure where it came from. Our ashlars (rough and perfect) I had made by a local stone quarry (we didn't have a set at all,) and our Marshall's baton I had made by a woodworking friend (our baton had somehow disappeared.)
  4. JJones

    JJones Moderator Staff Member

    Ours is a bit of both as well. We built new chairs for our officers last year and there are several older pieces of furniture that were built and donated before then.

    Our 'burning' tapers were definitely bought. They're those ugly light bulbs with the S&C in the middle. I don't know where we got our letter 'G' but I'm a big fan of it and haven't see one like it anywhere else. I didn't appreciate how nice it was until I visited another local lodge and saw their neon blue 'G' they had in the East.
  5. crono782

    crono782 Premium Member

    Ugh, I really dislike those S&C tapers. There has got to be a better alternative to those (someone w/ some decent woodworking skills could make some really nice ones for cheap I'd think). Not a big fan of our blue neon letter 'G'. :19: The pedestals are clearly hand made (and well made at that), the chairs could be either, can't really tell. Not sure about the altar.

    EDIT: is there GL law about exactly how the tapers can look? A nice wood base, some old bedposts hollowed out, shaped, and painted and electric tapers from here: http://www.inspiredlighting.com/ . Sure would look spiffy...
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  6. JJones

    JJones Moderator Staff Member

    Didn't they pass the resolution at GL this year that allowed lodges to position their tapers according to the degree they've opened in?

    If so then I've love to get my hands on some tall wooden tapers as well...except I'd rather they be fitted for candles. We've got a tile floor around the altar so I don't foresee any fire hazard.
  7. jwhoff

    jwhoff Premium Member

    Reasonable request indeed.
  8. Bill Lins

    Bill Lins Moderating Staff Staff Member

    Yes. Of course, the only way you can do it is if you have three separate lights.
  9. Bro_Vick

    Bro_Vick Moderator Premium Member

    All custom, both lodges I belong to at the time purchased the furniture from a man in the city who made custom wood furnishings. I have no idea if he was a Mason (he might of been), but the work on it is very well done.

    The three lights, I believe were purchased from a catalog.

    -Bro Vick

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