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    The Jewels of Lodge officers shall be of silver or of white metal, to be worn either suspended from a blue velvet collar or as a badge on the left breast. None but officers may wear jewels, except Past Masters, the latter wearing them attached to a blue collar ribbon, or as a badge worn on the left breast. The jewels of a Past Master and of officers of a Lodge:
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    Past Master Worshipful Master

    Past Master The Blazing Sun within the Compasses extended on a quadrant.

    Worshipful Master The Square.

    Senior Warden The Level.

    Junior Warden The Plumb.

    Treasurer The Crossed Keys.

    Secretary The Crossed Pens.

    Treasurer The Crossed Pens.(same as secretary)

    Chaplain The Bible within a Circle.

    Marshal Baton in a Square.

    Senior Deacon The Square and Compasses united with a Sun.

    Junior Deacon The Square and Compasses united with a Moon.

    Stewards Comucopia in a Circle.

    Organist Lyre in a Circle

    Tyler The Crossed Swords.

    The Deacons' rods Shall be blue, the Stewards' rods white, surmounted by their proper jewels in silver or white metal.

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