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  1. Blake Bowden

    Blake Bowden Administrator Staff Member

    How do other Lodges provide meals? At our Lodge, each Officer is assigned a particular month to bring a meal.
  2. RJS

    RJS Guest

    We have food committees for each month.
  3. Wingnut

    Wingnut Premium Member

    Stewards provide the meals, donations expected to cover the cost. Sounds like most of the time they do or it averages out.
  4. jwardl

    jwardl Guest

  5. nick1368

    nick1368 Registered User

    Stewards. We have been trying for the last 2 years to set a budget for them to use. However this is easier said than done. When I was steward a few years ago I put the lodge on a "diet". We went from having subway trays every meeting to fixing your own sandwhich. I think the year before I was Sr. Steward they had spent close to a $1,200 on Steward Supplies...my year I trimmed it down to about $600. I also started putting a "kitty" at the front of the table right before the forks,napkins, plates. I am still surprised to this day how many brothers don't mind putting in their pocket change or a couple dollars.
    Normally the stewards have some kinda of meal for stated meetings then sandwhiches for called. When I get to the East in 2 yrs I think I am will cut back a little more maybe to a meal the 1st stated meeting and just cake & ice cream 2nd stated meeting and cookies for called (Degree) meetings.
  6. cmoreno85tx

    cmoreno85tx Registered User

    Same at Community
  7. Joey

    Joey Co-Founder Staff Member

    And, it seems to work so much better the way we do it.... The most any one person is out is maybe $200. It shouldn't be put all on the stewards to provide the meals.
  8. Bloodshot

    Bloodshot Registered User

    Stewards provide the meals. We have a dinner for stated and usually just snacks, cake, pie, cookies or similar for called meetings. We also have the kitty and any overage rolls over for the next occasion, any shortage is paid by the lodge at stated.
  9. nick1368

    nick1368 Registered User

    Our Stewards are never out of their own money....any food that is bought is bought on the Lodge's credit at the Grocery Store....everynow and then we have a brother that will bring Gumbo which he just donates to the lodge....his way of contibuting and we gladly accept it!
  10. Bill Lins

    Bill Lins Moderating Staff Staff Member

    As some of y'all already know, Wharton #621 is a "trunk Lodge". We do not own a building. We meet in the private party building belonging to & behind a local barbecue restaurant. They do not charge us for the use of their facility, but provide a buffet dinner, including tea & dessert, for $7.00 each.

    Each Brother pays for his, and his guests', dinners. We encourage the Brethren to bring their wives, girlfriends (but not both), kids, prospects, and any one else they wish. As the restaurant only makes money off of the meals, we try to get as high a count as possible to make it worth their while. I realize that we are a special case, but the concept is working out extremely well for us.
  11. xxxxxxl

    xxxxxxl Registered User

    In Midlothian the Stewards prepare the meal in the kitchen. At Nash the WM arranges for the meal to be prepared on-site or to be brought in.
  12. TexMass

    TexMass Registered User

    In MA, Stewards set the tables and maybe serve. The JW is responsible for providing meals. They are usually catered or they hire the OES ladies to come in so they can make a few extra bucks. We have a Brother in our district that runs a very nice catering service and gives us great deals on fabulous meals. All the lodges in our district call on him a few times a year. The only time I ever had a really cheap meal for a masonic event was at GL. Really.
  13. JTM

    JTM "Just in case" Premium Member

    food committees?

    uh oh. masons and our committees again...

    heh, i kid, i kid!

    we go with the stewards option at SR lodge and BU#129 though.
  14. caeservi

    caeservi Registered User

    at Azle the stewards prepare the meals. The supplies are bought on the lodge's account at the local brookshire's. Donations are given for each meal. It usually pays for the meal. This includes the stated meeting and our weekly floor school.
  15. scottmh59

    scottmh59 Registered User

    stewards are in charge..at the momment we have no stewards,so as JW i take care of it.If i need help, all i have to do is ask Tom or Rhit and they are only too willing to help out.

    I know of at least one lodge that does a pot luck kinda thing,and it seems to work out well for them.
  16. HKTidwell

    HKTidwell Premium Member

    The Eastern Start does meals for our stated meetings. On called meetings we meet up at the Sirloin Stockade and eat dinner together.

    The Eastern Star I believe makes out pretty good on our stated meetings. It is a $5.00 donation required, however I think most of us chip in more to help them.
  17. Hippie19950

    Hippie19950 Premium Member

    We do not have any Stewards, so we all take turns. My bride is a pretty good cook, so I have been fortunate enough to have her cook a couple of meals. She and my youngest daughter really like to help out like that. Youngest is 15, and she may well be an OES candidate in a few years. Last time around, it was predicted we were to have cold weather, and Karen cooked some great Chicken and Dumplings. We had the A/C on all evening. Cold hit the next night. Brother's were talking about it being a bit warm for cold weather food, but all but a couple went for second's and some third's! We have a Brother who rents the downstairs for a BBQ and Steak restaurant on the weekends. He also provides some very delicious food for us. Come visit, it just might be steak night :)

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