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    In my view the reason for requiring a belief in a/the Supreme Being is that that is a simple cultural form for checking whether you agree that Life has meaning and purpose.

    If Life has purpose then are you committed to working towards that greater good even if unknown, as best you can?

    So, when I interview candidates who do not believe in the Supreme Being, I ask them about the meaning of Life, and if they know or hope that Life has meaning and whether they work to support that. I say to them that the test question has a traditional cultural format, but how they translate that in their own mind is their business and no one will ask.

    Of course some people do not need to believe in the Supreme Being because they already know. Long ago these were known as Gnostics and attempts were made to wipe them out - since they did not need priests - but new groups kept appearing as if they were being reborn. Hence, belief is only one form of alignment to Life.

    I note also that some forms of Masonry are overtly Christian, but in my view they are recent cultural refits that do not affect the essence. I have met a number of senior brethren that have recognized some of the theologically clumsy or even heretical aspects of the refits.

    heresy: from Greek hairesis ‘choice’

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