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    OK, I have a question that might end up being irrelevant. I have told a lot of friends at work that I am trying to become a Mason. I have had some people, that I don’t particularly care for personally, ask me to help them out when and if I get voted in.

    I wouldn’t want to hinder someone from bettering themselves and I would like to see a lodge benefit from the added membership, but what if they decide that the lodge that I attend (or hope to) is the one that they want to go to and I had to vote on them after their petition? This one guy in particular isn’t a bad person, we just grate on each other. It would be like leaving work to go back to work.

    I know that sounds pretty selfish, but I can’t help think that if that would happen, then I would probably end up leaving for a different lodge, and I really like the guys at this lodge.

    Any thoughts? :confused1:
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    The lodge is a place for men with different aspects and walks of life come to meet on the level. You are all brothers there. Also when it comes time for voting, you should do so based on whether or not he meets the qualifications of being a Mason and will he be a good member of the lodge. You should base your decision upon the results of the investigation committee as well. I think the point will be moot. There really isn't much "helping a guy out" when it comes to getting in as you might not be on the investigative board and thus, won't have much of a say (in writing, that is). Only when it comes time to cast a vote, will you have a choice to make.
    Once you are Brothers, I believe you will see each other in a new light I think personally. I wouldn't worry too much about it really. If they petition the lodge, they will have to square with the fact that they will be your Brother too.
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    Take your time. Before you are voted in yourself, and then raised to Master Mason a fair amount of time will pass. In this period you will grow and gain better understanding about how you should handle it.
    What Crono said above is very accurate, and you will see how that applies.
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    Well put brothers
  5. ThanatosTA

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    OK, thanks for the advice everyone.

    As far as helping someone out, that's just on how to get a pettition and some basic info (I just wanted to clarify that).
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    The best help you can give your acquaintances is get them to visit the lodge they think they like to join and meet the brethren. They should ask for the petition themselves after they've met some of the brothers. They will have questions about the petition and a lodge member should answer them to ensure they get good answers.

    It's good that you do things to help others (you're a generous and helpful person) and it's really good that you have a conscience that has you in a bit of turmoil over how to help and about a possible vote (shows that you consider "right" and "wrong"), but Masonry is an individual journey aided by brethren and that journey begins with the very act of requesting a petition- 2B1ASK1 . It is enjoyable when you petition and go through the degrees at the same time as friends - like a class - but the degree work, the search, the lessons of masonry is highly individual and each prospective brother should take charge of their journey - from gaining the petition, to the degree work, and to bonding with his new brothers at lodge and conducting the business of the lodge and ultimately the continuing search for light.

    If it should come time to ballot on your acquaintances and you are eligible to vote, you need only tap your conscience and do what is right.

    Just my thoughts on your question....
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