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Discussion in 'The York Rite' started by Timothy Fleischer, May 24, 2012.

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    After being raised a Mason in 1995, I finally petitioned an appendant body (York Rite). Earlier this week I received -- along with another Master Mason -- the degree of Mark Master. I am going to go through the degrees one at a time I think. I know that will take quite some time and might be a burden to the local Chapter and Council, but Masonry has not been a foot race for me so far. I think I will find more meaning in taking the degrees one at a time than in stacking them all into one day.

    Before the next step, I would like to study some of the symbolism of the Mark Master degree. Any suggestions?
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    "Tell Me More About the Mark Degree" by Rev'd Neville Barker Cryer. I have a review posted in the Research forum and you can get it on
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    Brother Tim, I apologize for the brevity of my first reply (the keyboard on a Kindle Fire is NOT user friendly), but I wanted to congratulate you on continuing your Masonic journey! I think you will enjoy your degree work and I am an advocate of doing the degrees individually as you are. There is a need for festivals and they serve the craft well, but having worked in the degrees in both styles, my preference is individual degrees.

    In addition to the book above - "Tell Me More About the Mark Degree" - I have another recommendation for you. If you have time (I'm not sure how long your Chapter and Council degrees will take), I recommend sitting in on the Blue Lodge degrees and pay particular attention to the lectures. Become- as much as possible- familiar with the story and the names of the principle characters and their particular place in the story.

    Once you've completed your Capitular and Cryptic degrees, you might check under the Research forum here and check out some of the books I've reviewed. I think I've posted reviews for five or six different books related to the York Rite.

    Good luck on your journey and enjoy your degrees!

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    Thank you for all the lights you generously and regularly and kindly provide us,thanks a lot
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    I took the plunge as well, and received the Mark Master degree last night... and all I can say is "WOW!!"

    I went in pretty much cold turkey, and was really impressed by both the flow of the degree and the lessons imparted. It seemed to be definitely a step up in intensity, and definitely left its "mark" upon my heart and conscience. Definitely fired me up to continue inthe Chapter...
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    Congratulations on your decision! Much of what I have learned came from hours and hours of research both online and in book stores. Here is a good site for the history of it all - University of Bradford : Web of Hiram

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