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    In the days of the old west, probably in Dodge City, KS, a young fellow held up a bank, and in so doing shot and killed the teller.

    Several people in the bank and outside saw him well enough to identify him as he rode out of town.

    A posse was formed and in short order had captured him and returned him to jail.

    He was duly tried and sentenced to hang for his crime.

    On the appointed day a scaffold had been erected outside the jail.

    The fellow was lead up the steps to the scaffold, the judge read his sentence, and asked the fellow if he had anything to say.

    "I sure do, Judge, if it wasn't for the Masons I wouldn't be here."

    The judge inquired to what he referred.

    "Well, the sheriff who pursued me is a Mason, as were most of the posse. The jury was mostly Masons, and you, Judge, are a Mason. If it wasn't for the Masons I wouldn't be here."

    That being all he had to say, the Judge ordered the hangman to proceed.

    The hangman put a HOOD over his head, a ROPE around his neck, took him by the left arm and said, "Take one advancing step with your left foot."

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