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    I am an avid motorcycle rider. I ride every day to work and many weekends. When I lived in Hawaii, I was a member of a motorcycle club that was not masonic based, but was family oriented and had men and women members.

    I recently moved to Texas and have seen that there are many different Masonic based motorcycle organizations around the U. S. Unfortunately, I have only seen one in Texas (Ft. Hood area) that is well represented.

    I would just like to ask (for myself and others doing research) what other organizations are out there for Mason's to ride and fellowship together.

    If you would just put the organizations name, website and contact information.

    Thank You

    Bro. Robbie
  2. Companion Joe

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    This topic has been beaten to death on this forum and other locations. Do a search, and you can locate the threads.
    As to your question, I'd just find some brothers at your lodge, get on your bikes, and ride. There is no need to find a club or association; you already belong to one.
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    This forum has expressed its unfounded disdain for the Widow's Sons on numerous occasions. My suggestion would be to use another resource to locate rider's clubs, because here, you're just going to incite another flame war.
  4. Bill Lins

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    Bro. Robbie, check your PMs.

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