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Masonic Bomber Jacket


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Recieved my jacket today. Everything that I had hoped for. Fit perfectly. Looks good. Just in time for, what seems to be a pretty cold winter we're heading in to.


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Received mine today. It looks good feels good is heavy. I wear 2X in everything the jacket is 2X and fits good. The sooner you call to check on your order the quicker you will receive your jacket. Had a friend that ordered a week after me but called a week before me to check on his so he received his a week before me! I ordered mine 10/08/2013, called last week to check on the order and was told it would ship this week but received it today (11/25).
The imprint doesn't show up very well.
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Rusty's Son

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Looked everywhere, couldn't find the number to call about the status of the jacket. Thanks for the pictures, Jericho2013.

Terris W. Bradley

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Mine showed up yesterday finally. Even though she said it wasn't shipping til next week. It's a nice jacket. My only gripe is that the mason logo is barely stamped into the leather and it's hard to see. I may end up putting a patch over it. I have patches for my appendant organizations.

I sent a check for a bomber jacket based on the same solicitation that I think you recived. It has been more than a month and I have not received the jacket. Unfortunately I cannot find the solicitation letter. If you have it would you please send to me the address. My e-mail address is


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I don't know what the address is. If you call the number in one of the pics I posted they should be able to tell you. Yours may take longer considering you sent them a check. I ordered with a credit card over the phone. It still took 4 weeks. Just don't expect them to give you accurate shipment info. When I called to see what the problem was she told me it would ship the following week and I got it later that day. It is a very nice leather jacket. Just not impressed with the faint masonic logo. As I said before I will probably put a masonic patch over that to make it more prominant.