Masonic employment bureaus, Can we bring them back?

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    In the 1930's (and for some time after), Masonic Grand Lodges/Lodges, ran employment bureaus, to assist brothers (and their dependents) in seeking work. Masons would keep an eye out for job openings, and report back to the bureau. Masons who owned businesses, and needed workers, would send requests for applicants to the bureau. Personnel departments were informed by the bureau, to let the bureau know, when job openings came up.

    Masons (and dependents) would register with the bureau, list their skills, and volunteers would match the applicants with the job announcements. The job bureau would also offer advice in resume preparation, and interview rehearsals.

    The employment bureaus disappeared over time. The Grand Lodge of Kentucky, kept their bureau operating, until the 1980's. There may be some job service assistance offered by some Lodges/Grand Lodges, but I am not aware of any.

    Could we bring this splendid tradition back? The unemployment rate is above 9% nationally, and higher in some areas. I think Masonry would be just the place, to help unemployed Masons (and dependents) to seek work. Our ancient operative brethren assisted operative Masons in finding employment, we can revive this tradition.

    Furthermore, we could even extend this assistance to the public. The government-operated employment service agencies, are overwhelmed. Non-goverment organizations, should step in and help take up the slack. Masonry could have volunteers, offer to help unemployed people in seeking work.

    What do you think?
  2. MasonicTexan

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    I think it would be a good idea, especially now with the current situations in the job market.
  3. cemab4y

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    When I return to the USA, I am going to make a formal request to the Grand Lodge of Virginia to re-start the Masonic employment bureau in Virginia. (If you do not wish to establish a similar service in your state of residence, I have no problem)

    I am going to recommend a program along these lines:

    -A service set up, similar to what was done by lodges and Grand Lodges in the 1930's, and what Kentucky ran right up into the 1980's.

    -The Grand Lodge will serve as a "coordinator", and advisor to individual lodges (and Masonic districts). Districts/lodges will be offered the opportunity to participate in the program at their own discretion.

    -The service will exist to assist Brother Masons (and their wives/widows/dependents) in all phases of seeking employment. The service will be open to assist the general public, and any individual who applies for help. Guidance and advice will be offered to anyone on a non-discriminatory basis.

    -The service will primarily consist of counseling and providing advice in guidance in helping individuals conduct their own job search. The Grand Lodge will NOT go out and find jobs for participants.

    -The service will be educational in nature. Clients will be advised in the methodology of how to seek work in the internet age. Assistance will be provided in how to prepare both a traditional paper resume, and how to prepare an electonic internet resume. Clients will be coached in how to seek work on the internet, and in the print "want ads", as well as other traditional job-seeking venues. Clients will be coached and critiqued in how to obtain interviews, and how to dress, how to answer interview questions, etc.

    -The program will be staffed by volunteers. The Grand Lodge can provide office space, administrative assistance, and logistical help.

    -District Deputy grand Masters, will be asked to select an employment coordinator in each district, and/or in each lodge that chooses to participate in the program.

    -When a mason (or dependent/widow) or anyone who asks for help, needs employment assistance, the district/lodge employment coordinator will assist the applicant, in all aspects of the employment search process, including seeking help from other government agencies (the state employment service).

    -Individual companies will be advised of the program, and offered guidance in how to get job openings distributed to individuals who are seeking work. This could be done through the operation of an internet page, run by the Grand Lodge.

    Non-government organizations have been providing individuals with employment search assistance, with programs exactly like this for many years, with absolutely no objections from any government agency, or any fear of lawsuit.
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    I think that would be great! The problem is who is going to pay for it. We have a knock-down drag out as it is over the per-capita.
  5. mch4970

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    The best situation might be where the GL facilitates a service where all employers could go to look for help and all workers could go seeking employment. Certainly this would be loaded with Brethren but not limited. Sounds like Monster. com.

    I foresee a general public distrust of a Masonic ran employment service for just FreeMasons. And on a different level, what a service the Craft would be doing for the public if open to them! Stepping up to be a pillar of the community/state/country. That's what it's about.
  6. Mike Cameron

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    How about a Masonic ran health insurance agency? Hmmmm insurance with morals. Just think!
  7. cemab4y

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    The service would have to be set up on a public service basis. Like the Shriner Hospitals, that provide service to all children, without regard to Masonic affiliation. Churches and non-governmental organizations, have been providing employment counseling to the publi for years. When I was in Florida (May 2009), I saw a news report, about a church in Tampa, that runs an employment advisory service. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints (mormons) have a national network of employment advisory bureaus, that assist job seekers (anyone who asks for help). It is a good service, and builds good public relations.

    With the high unemployment rate, government agencies are overwhelmed, NGOs must step up and fill the gap.

    During the 1930's many lodges and Grand Lodges provided employment assistance to Masons and their dependents.

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