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  1. fairbanks1363pm

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    how many people can still do a masonic funeral in your lodges from memory?
  2. rhitland

    rhitland Founding Member Premium Member

    2 that I know of.
  3. nick1368

    nick1368 Registered User

    3 and I know there is one working on it.
  4. david918

    david918 Premium Member

    We have 2
  5. jonesvilletexas

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  6. Wingnut

    Wingnut Premium Member

    in our lodge 4-5 in our district about twice that many
  7. Bro Mike

    Bro Mike Registered User

    I do not know of anyone in our lodge. Maybe something for me to start working on...
  8. JEbeling

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    Masonic funerals are very good chance to show the people outside masonary how we respect each other. They are very hard to do when its someone who is very close to you.. ! I do better when its a brother I don't know.. ! I seem to be able to consentrate better.. ? did one for a past Master of our lodge last year where he was very good friend and his wife was worthy matron of eastern star.. ! and he talk to me about it before he pasted away to make sure I didn't back out..!!

    Have done them in the middle of no-where in a little plat... ! hot day in the summer.. ! in a suit with sweat rolling off you.. ! ants, bee's, etc.. ! thats when memory is put to its test.. !

    but they are always rewarding.. ! the look on the family's face that you though enough about their love one to come do this.. ! some I have done where the Brother has not been in lodge for a long time.. ! and she would say "I didn't know anyone would show up".. ?
  9. Gerald.Harris

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    I perform most of the Masonic Burial Services at League City, but I do have a couple of younger brothers working on learning the Service.I do agree with Brother JEbling, the services are extremely hard to conduct, but it is an obligation we owe to our brothers. The family is usually very grateful that a group of men would take the time to show up and see their loved one put to rest with respect and dignity. I have been doing the services since 1978 and it has always been a dificult but rewarding thing to do.
  10. ed entrekin

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    Masonic Memorial Service

    We, In Gwinnett County Georgia, have a County Masonic Association who in addition to other services, has a Memorial Team consisting of several members who are availiable on short notice to confir the Graveside services.

    You are right - this is one time that we perform in front of the public and it should be done with dignity and class. It is better to read it than to stumble and stutter but, we are fortunat to have several members who do it very well. Upon being made a Master Mason, our Brother was promised that "upon your death, shall be placed upon the coffin..." - this is the ceremony fufilling that promise.

    I also note, that the funeral service is for the surviving family - not me, not you , or any other Mason. We don't need to spend an hour spouting Masonic converse to familiy who doesn't even understand what we are talking about. Accordinglly, a brother (now deceased) of our Association years ago consolidated the Service from the manual and only included the significant points - "Apron, White Glove, and Evergreen" with additional explanation and prayer. A Chaplain is included for his part. Might add that with a few word changes, it is used in the chapel and/or cremation service.

    I have copies of our service availiable online should someone want to see it.

    Ed Entrekin
    Buford 292
    Buford Georgia
  11. fairbanks1363pm

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    i have just learned the sam canty revised out of the monitor. i feel like it is not enough. it is only about 6 minutes. at the same time we had no one who has the service down in my lodge so i thought i better get after it. i pray that if called upon i will do a good job.

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