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  1. JTM

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    So I know you "lowly" 3rd degree masons can't do anything with your rings except get a discout at Home Depot, whenever I turn my 14th degree ring in a coke machine, I get a free coke. I can get through 99% of the toll booths in the world if I flash my 32º ring as I go by.

    The only ones I can't get through are those run by the Knights of Columbus.
  2. Wingnut

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    ROFLMAO too funny! We have a friendly thing with trying to get more people at the Memorial Day activities than the KoC
  3. TexMass

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    Practical uses for your Masonic flip ring.

    - It is where to keep your extra Underdog super energy pill.
    - It is part of a set of Wonder Twin power rings. The rings flip to the S&C when they are

    touched together.

    - You punch an Anti-Mason and you don't want to leave a mark to avoid conspiracy theories.
    - It is where you keep your cyanide pill in case your are captured by a bunch of Anti's.
    - It just looks like it would start a conspiracy thread.
    - One word...Gadget.
    - It was blank on both sides and it was anticlimactic when turned over.
    - You can spin it and take bets if it lands on or off.
    - With the glasses it helps hide your true identity of Clark Kent.
    - It helps when you want to pick up a lot of Anti chicks.
    - The Pope has one just like it.
    - It's useful when deep undercover trying to infiltrate an Odd Fellows lodge.
    - My name? Bond...James Bond
    - It hides the key from Ian to the treasure room below the streets of New York.
  4. JTM

    JTM "Just in case" Premium Member

    if i ever join Knights of Columbus, I want a KoC/Masonic flip ring.

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