Masonic Temple is looking at expanding its holdings. Items wanted.

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    The Cambridge Masonic Temple in Cambridge Massachusetts is a active Masonic Building, with five Blue Lodges, a Lodge of Instruction, and a Royal Arch Chapter. Built in 1910, it was once home to 14 different Masonic bodies.
    In 1987, after searching the Temple, we discovered hundreds of framed items placed in storage. After removing them, cleaning them and finding out what some were, we begun to hang them around the Temple. We started off with about 40 books in our small library, today we have over 20,000 Masonic items in our collection and over 400 books in our library.
    We mostly collect items pertaining to Freemasonry in Massachusetts and above all Cambridge. We also collect some unusual Masonic items and items from our vast Masonic family. We would like to expand our holdings by having Lodge notices/communications from around the United States and from around the World. We do not have a budget, nor do we receive any funds in purchasing or perserving our collection. We do ask that if any brother has a Lodge notice/communication/trestle-board or what ever your Lodge calls your monthly Lodge notice, to donate one to our collection. These items will be displayed at some point, and will give the brethren and general public a idea on how vast our Masonic family is.
    We collect items from the Blue Lodges to Scottish Rite, York Rite to OES, Rainbow to Shriners, DeMolay to TCL and everyone in between.
    If your Lodge may have a extra Lodge notice and would like to donate it great, or if your Lodge has a coin or medal that a number of extras exist and one could be donated, fantastic. We can not pay for shipping, therefore we ask for donations of items only.
    You can mail any items or a notice to:
    Cambridge Masonic Temple
    1950 Massachusetts Avenue
    Cambridge Massachusetts 02138

    Whatever a brother could give us to expand our collection, it would be greatly appreciative.

    I thank you
    Curator and Historian
    Cambridge Masonic Temple
    Check us out on Facebook: Cambridge Masonic Temple

    Below is some of the six thousand items we had on display back in 2010. Two Lodge rooms were filled with some of the collection, swords, aprons, glassware, gavels, coins, paintings, photographs, medals, books, banners, etc.

    masonic 055.jpg masonic 063.jpg

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