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Masonic Wedding

If possible, would you have a Masonic Wedding

  • Yes. We have a Masonic Burial so why not.

    Votes: 26 29.5%
  • No.

    Votes: 37 42.0%
  • Maybe

    Votes: 6 6.8%
  • Not sure, depends on what she wants.

    Votes: 19 21.6%

  • Total voters

Nate Riley

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As any man who is married knows, the only possible correct answer is the last one.;) I was told to show up with four other guys. All of us were to be clean, sober and dressed in evening wear. Otherwise, stay out of the way!:biggrin:

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I preformed a Masonic wedding, had to have a dispensation from the Grand Master to have it in the Lodge room.

That must have been really cool to do!

I would like to have a masonic wedding, but there is not a snow ball's chance in hell that would go with her side of the family.
May just opt for getting a pic done together in our aprons.


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It is my opinion, that we should keep apart all religious and also social/public ceremonied from masonic rituals. I don't see any good in mixing them. What should a masonic wedding means to my wife, when she, on the other hand, cannot experience, what masonry means? And on the other hand, what should a quasi-masonic, down-graded ritual mean to me, if I have the full-scale masonic ritual in the lodge already?

No, such things are absolutely not my taste, although, it is known in Germany too. But seldomly done.


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Just putting my new law book pages in and ran across the Grand Masters Decisions approved by Grand Lodge December 2, 3 and 4, 2010. It says "There is no authorized wedding ceremony for Texas Masons, and it would be a Masonic disciplinary Violation to engage in any ceremony purporting to be Masonic that is not approved by Grand Lodge. "