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  1. youngblood2002

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    I recently posted a thread on "Does masonry cause conflict in marriage". It has been interesting to follow. We say that,"Masonry makes good men better". If we are completely honest with ourselves in the context of our marriages, would our wives agree and say that we have made a transition from being a good man to being better or would they disagree...
  2. Bro. David F. Hill

    Bro. David F. Hill David F. Hill Premium Member

    It all depends on how seriously you take your obligations. If you are following the tenets and improving yourself, then yes.
  3. Michael Hatley

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    If you asked her if I was a better man from point A (first time I went to lodge) to point B (today) she would tell you yes. But she wouldn't give the credit to masonry, because I've managed to improve myself a fair bit over the 17 years since we've met and only the minority of those have been in the fraternity. She is a practical lady with a graduate degree, and I know her, so I know she'd smile and humor a mason who asked, or even me, but she figures its me who decided to improve, and me who did it.

    But I know. I know how I admire the qualities I've found in my Brothers, and how I give those qualities thought. The man who taught me the work, for instance. He is a wise fella on some things that matter. I like that. I try to work that into the mix.

    The man who was my top signer. I see the goodness of him practically glowing. I try to emulate him in my own small ways.

    I see the men who speak well, at their ease and confidently. I look to the details. I watch, I listen, and I think about it.

    Lots of that sort of thing. So she may not give the credit, but I do. She reckons I believe thats where it comes from, so it works. Like a placebo, or Dumbo's feather. That may be because she hasn't observed those small things in those men I have over time and noticed them cropping up in my own behavior. But like I say, I know.

    Either way, your partner will feel you becoming a better man if they are paying attention, and you really do work at it.
  4. Brent Heilman

    Brent Heilman Premium Member

    I feel the same way Bro. Hatley. I also have found myself trying to be more like certain Brothers who have had an impact on me. One of my biggest Masonic influences has left our Lodge due to a job change and his presence will be greatly missed by a number of us and it is his influence that has helped shape my journey and change. I am sure that he will have an impact on the Lodge he moves to in Texas. I know that a Lodge will be getting a great man and Brother.

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