Masons and 'Jeopardy!'

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    I'm not sure if it's a plus or minus that Freemasons are the subject of a trivia game recently. Somebody who works on the American TV gameshow Jeopardy! seems to have taken an interest in the Masons.

    Last December, a $2000 Double Jeopardy clue was "It's not a secret - one of two branches of advanced Freemasonry; both have British names." The ultimate champion of that night, Jackie Fuchs, successfully answered "What is the Scottish Rite"?


    Then last night, a question was featured that made us local Indiana Masons do a double take. In the category of American Cathedrals, the $800 clue was:


    "Indianapolis' Scottish Rite Cathedral is not a place of worship but a meeting place for this fraternal society."

    Contestant Beth Stewart from Naperville, Illinois successfully answered, "Who are the Masons?"

    Ding ding ding.

    We're pretty proud of it.


    Beth won the night with a final score of $17,600.

    (H/T Patrick Elmore)

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