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    Hello all, I am a Ca military Mason TDY to Lackland AFB Tx for 6 weeks. I'm looking to visit a lodge or two well I'm here. The main problem I have is that I am without a vehicle. In other words, have apron will travel just need a ride that can pick me up on base. Or maybe meet me at a gate with some prior coordination.
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    As both California jurisdictions have recognition with visitation you're good to go to lodges in either jurisdiction whichever one of the California jurisdictions you are in.

    MSPWGLofTX. John T Maxey #74 1st Tue 7PM 409 Altitude St, San Antonio, TX 78227

    The building is reasonably close to the back gate of Lackland so you might be able to walk if you have access to the back gate.

    GLofTX Districts 39-A/B/C are nearby. See the map on

    You would need a ride to any of them. My bias - I am a member of Victory 1160. We meet behind the Shrine Center north of town.

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