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    I am very interested in law and would like to become a lawyer. I would like to know of any brothers that are lawyers have a need for an assistant or intern. Although I do not have a paralegal degree I am willing to learn law from the ground up. I'll work hard, be on time and give my very best each day.

    Thank you very much for your time.


    Bro. Jerry Johnston
    San Jacinto Lodge #106
    Willis, Texas
    Marshal 2011-2012
    Arabia Shrine
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    You may want to look at the Masonic Lawyer thread in the Freemasonry Discussion.
    Get it a little quicker by looking at the Similar threads below.

    Just in case someone has't already pm'd ya.
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    Also, in case you have trouble finding a lawyer to work for, you may also look at working for a court, municipal, jp, county, district ect.. Even a county clerk office is a good place to start learning.. Anything from assistant clerk to reporter. Working in a judges office can be pretty enlightening.

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