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    I have picked myself up and crawled back out of a pit enough times. I have felt alone and neglected and abandoned.

    I have railed against the Deity and demanded answers.

    I have in my moments of weakness blamed the creator for what I did unto myself.

    Time passed

    I Learned

    In time I learned the Master does not need me as an apprentice. What I was learning the Master could already do. I needed what he could teach me.

    The Master did not need me as a traveler.. Journeymen are many and only those who listen are worth their salt. I needed his direction.

    The Master does not need me to draw a new design,, but he will let me and teach me how to make it better. I need the Masters will.

    The Master lets me show my worth, lets me prove my tools, The Master hopes that I might one day join him at his table.

    It is not possible that I might become a master with out The Master to teach me.
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