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    It is very seldom when I am working on memory work that I do not find myself running for a pad and paper to write down a thought to tumble with more after the session and one came up today while working on the Fellowcraft Lecture. This is what it says:
    "Numberless worlds are around us (all framed by the same Divine Artist), which roll through the vast expanse, and all are conducted by the same unerring laws of nature."

    Now what is this statement all about, is it refering to the universe in all it's immensity and refrencing that other worlds are out there with or without intellgent life but would be almost identical to ours here we call earth.

    I also thought it could refer to the world we each have and live; as each person experiences are different hence they see the world from their own perspective making it ther own and no one elses but we share the same dirt on which we walk and all answer to the same laws laid down by the Grand Geometrisizer.

    The part about rolling through the vast expanse really makes me think it is refering to space and the cosmos. What are your thoughts Brothers?
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    I think it has to do with "space and the cosmos" (the universe) and the orbit of the various planets, moons, stars (suns), etc. There must be some order to it (i.e. unerring natural laws) or there would be some serious damage going on.

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