Minnesota Masons invading Texas and Arizona

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    This notice was in my Minnesota Mason newsletter looks like fun.

    Texas–Minnesota Reunion in Harlingen,
    Texas – February 5, 2011
    Minnesota Masons living and wintering
    in Texas have enjoyed an annual
    reunion in the McAllen-Harlingen area of
    South Texas for the past 30 years. Grand
    Master John L. Cook, Jr. will continue
    that tradition started so many years ago
    by attending the session. This gathering
    also attracts many Masonic Brothers from
    Texas and several Midwestern states,
    Canada, and Mexico and is great opportunity
    to renew old friendships as well as
    making new friends.
    The reunion will take place on
    Saturday, February 5, 2011, at the Rio
    Grand Valley Shrine Club, located 1.5
    miles east of LaFeria, at the White Ranch
    Road exit off of Highway 83, near
    Harlingen. The festivities will start with a
    5:30 p.m. social hour with dinner following
    at 6:30. All Masons and their guests
    are welcome.
    Reservations should be made by
    January 31st, by calling any of the following
    Brothers: Ward Sonsteby, 956-781-
    1901; Alyn Dull, 956-787-2257; or Jay
    Ipsen, 956-583-9364.
    Arizona–Minnesota Reunion in Phoenix,
    Arizona – February 7, 2011
    Minnesota Masons living and wintering
    in the Phoenix area will also have the
    opportunity to enjoy a reunion, the 11th
    annual Arizona Masonic Reunion. The
    event is open to all Minnesota Masons,
    Eastern Star members, family members
    and other guests. Grand Master John L.
    Cook, Jr. will again try to duplicate feelings
    of Brotherhood and Minnesota nostalgia
    that takes place annually at both the
    Texas and Arizona Reunions.
    Plans call for the event to take place
    on Monday evening, February 7, 2011, at
    the Shrine Temple in Phoenix, 5:00 p.m.
    social hour and 6:00 p.m. dinner. It is certainly
    hoped that those who have enjoyed
    this event for the last several years in the
    Phoenix area will again make plans to
    W. Brother Ben Holt (e-mail:
    Hholtsb@cox.net) is working on the
    remaining details for the program this
    year. We hope to award a few fifty year
    pins and perhaps honor the widows of a
    few of our departed Brothers. If you are
    interested in attending, please call the
    Grand Lodge office at 800-245-6050 or
    via email at grandlodge@qwest.net and
    we will see that you receive all the details
    as they are finalized.
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    That's very neat. It's always great to meet brothers from all over! Wish it was closer to me.
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    Will almost be Motorcycle Weather then, I may ride down for it this year

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