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    Just uploaded more pictures of Golden Rule 361 in Hearne. We have the new installed, but still need to do finish work. We started out with a few, and as some left, others showed up.
    Most of the work was done by Brother Tim Vaughn, and his Dad Lee, My Father-in-law did the supervising.Brothers LJ Linson, Doug Mandrell, Paul Vaughn, Leslie Hancock did most of the work, and this was spearheaded by our W.M. Andy Berlan. We had others stop, and ask what we were doing, and they would assist in instructions...
    We now have a new sign, a refurbished "G" over the door, and a new entry door. Next is to go inside, and start working on the walls, going up the stairs. I think the Brethren like being together to do these things from what I saw Saturday. Now we will have a more attractive Lodge for us, and those who visit.

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