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Discussion in 'Frequently Asked Questions' started by NY.Light, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. NY.Light

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    Just frustrated by my jurisdiction since I can't petition for another year and a half because of the 21 rule.
  2. dmurawsky

    dmurawsky Premium Member

    I understand the frustration and had the same issue at the time. However, I ended up delaying joining for almost 10 years due to things coming up. It turns out it was the right course. Things happen for a reason.
    Use the time in between to improve yourself.
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  3. Warrior1256

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    I know you are anxious to join but it won't be long now. Remember that old saying "Good things come to those who wait."
  4. Warrior1256

    Warrior1256 Site Benefactor

    Very well put!
  5. dfreybur

    dfreybur Premium Member

    One of the many lessons we learn in Masonry is patience. My rant goes like - Patience? I don't have time for patience! Argh! Chortle.
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  6. Companion Joe

    Companion Joe Premium Member

    I really wished by state still stood by 21. In my opinion, most 18 year olds aren't ready. It was 21 when I joined.
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  7. japool

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    Get used to it, Masonic "time" moves by very slowly. It takes some time to get anything done in Masonry, nothing is ever really rushed. As soon as I realized and accepted that fact, I truly learned the lesson of Patience. It has really helped me in my life, and it can help you in yours if you let it.

    I'm glad your excited about joining and I'm sure you'll make a good Mason. We need more young men such as yourself.
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  8. GKA

    GKA Premium Member

    I hate to see young men so eager to join Masonry, Please don't take this the wrong way, what I mean is there is a real risk that the enthusiasm will lead to disappointment and possible apathy or non involvement when expectations are not realized after joining.
    We are only human and the difficulty in finding consensuses among us is not any easier because we call each other brother.
    Becoming a Mason is just the first step, in a long lifetime of steps.
    There is much more you can do outside of the Fraternity than you will find inside.
    They say patience is a virtue, it is also one of the most difficult ones to master.
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  9. JamestheJust

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    In my view there are at least 2 levels of Freemasonry. One level exists as a pattern or higher purpose of Freemasonry and many people are attracted by that vision and mission.

    On being initiated to the lodge the new brother discovers that the body of Freemasonry is not nearly as good as the spirit.

    At this stage many new brethren leave, particularly if they do not feel close to the lodge brethren.

    Some however persist and through long processes of self-improvement and study of the nature of life, come to a deeper participation in Freemasonry.

    You may wish to put your time to good use while you wait.
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  10. JJones

    JJones Moderator Staff Member

    I'm sure there are exceptions but I've never seen anyone younger than 21 join and remain active in the fraternity.

    At 18 most men still have a lot of growing up to do, I see that everyday as part of my job (I wasn't a shining example of maturity either at that age either). Then there's college and/or military service, both of which whisk young men away.
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  11. LCWebb

    LCWebb Premium Member

    I joined at 29 and still thought that I was possibly too young.
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  12. GKA

    GKA Premium Member

    Some of our members join straight from the De Moley youth group, there they get experience in what our fraternity is about
    It seems that we push people too fast to the MM, but it has always been done that way, so who am I to criticize?
    A lot of new members at my lodge don't see Masonry in the same "light" as do our senior members, I think we ( my lodge) are not prepared to address the interest of our younger members, patience is fine but we should throw them a bone or two on occasion, to keep them interested.

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