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    It is official, the MoT Fantasy Football League has been restarted for this upcoming season (thanks for the reminder Bro. Tim). All of those that particpated (or had a team and couldn't participate for any reason) should have gotten an invite to join the league again. If you don't want to accept, no worries. I will wait till Sunday evening to give all of the returning managers a chance to accept the invite, which, if you haven't gotten one by now, let me know and I'll push another out to you. After Sunday, I will open it up to anyone and everyone that wants to join and post another thread on here (returning managers can still join and will be given preference as long as I haven't already assigned the open slots)

    If anyone wants to join the league, give me your email address so that I can send you an invite if any openings come up. If we get a whole bunch of people, I can start up a second league as well. Right now, everything is just in the beginning stages and I just set a random draft date since it is so early. A little later on I will be asking what is the best date and time for everyone. Also, just FYI, our league is played on Yahoo, so you will need to have a Yahoo ID or somethign that works with Yahoo.

    You can let me know of your interest to play by posting under the threads or sending me a PM.

    *RETURNING MANAGERS*--- Since some of us are returning, and to provide more fun strategy and motivation for us to keep returning season after season, I was thinking doing the "Keeper" league type play. Where you can keep a certain number of players from last season and draft the rest of your team instead of everyone drafting ALL players. Let me know if this is something that seems interesting to you guys. I enabled the option when I reactivated the league, but I can get rid of it when I start sending out invites to fill the open spots. If you have any questions about this, please, just ask.

    See ya'll soon.
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