Movie Plot Attacks

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    38 find an existing event somewhere in the industrialized world—Third World events are just too easy—and provide a conspiracy theory to explain how the terrorists were really responsible.

    The contest is held every year. The author of the blog is a well respected security expert who consults on a variety of security issues.

    Here's an example of a semifinalist:
    "Terrorists spread out across the country with a simple, hard sided briefcase and a glass ampule of dimethylmercury (See This poison is famous for the fact it spreads through the gloves used to protect TSA workers.

    At the coordinated time, say 6PM the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, they get in the security line; open their briefcase; put their laptop in a tray and the ampule in the frame of the briefcase. Put the laptop tray on the belt, then the briefcase, squeezing it to break the ampule. As it moves through the machine it leaks all over the belt.

    Pick up the laptop, set the briefcase on the carpet at the end of the line, and walk off with the laptop. If someone notices, pick up the briefcase. Ideally, you'd like to leave it there for some security guy to handle. If you have to pick it up, take it to the nearest restroom, carefully not dripping it on yourself, and leave it there. Then the terrorist leaves the airport and goes home.
    Every bag that goes through the machine becomes poisonous. People don't start dying for an hour, some may even make it onto planes. Every TSA screening employee, due to their rotation system, dies that day.

    It takes a few hundred terrorists, with $100 plane tickets. The DMM isn't expensive at all.

    The TSA has to ban X-ray machines, TSA workers, and airports to prevent the attack from being repeated. Air travel now exists only as helicopters picking you up from your house and flying you where you want to go."

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